Shenzhen JHC Technology Development Co., Ltd.

JHCTECH was founded  in 2002, which focus on the development of embedded products and system Applications. JHCTECH is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial computers, providing reliable solutions and value-added services system for intelligent infrastructure,intelligent manufacturing and intelligent service.

As the global leading embedded expert, JHCTECH provides the reliable and leading solutions for Traffic Law enforcement system, Highway Toll system, In vehicle system, Industry Automation,Environment protection and some other fields solutions. JHCTECH occupy the 60% share of intelligent transportation, JHCTECH products positioning will always follow thecustomers requirements and highly concern about market trends with high efficient service. 

JHCTECH makes customers benefit more with 13 years experience for fanless computer manufacturing. Excellent customized ability meets customer needs.

 "Honesty with customers and harmonious working environment for all employees. Best service leads to long-term sustainability" is JHCTECH principle. JHCTECH take responsibility for our own actions, concern on efficiency, establish top grade industrial brand, and build up perfect company impression public. For JHCTECH,   customers are effectiveness, talents are the wealth, service is the life, and management is the future. JHCTECH spare no efforts to build up our brand name with "high quality", "good performance" and "best service"


JHCTECH pay attention to the intra-industry customers, conduct periodic seminar to explore the application technology upgrade and absorb the latest intra-industry   customers needs to upgrade the product and service, rigorous planning a series of services, combined with customer ideas and proposed after-sales service.  With the needs of many intra-industry customers from product selection to using process as guide, JHCTECH promise: will be confident to provide customers with the  most mature and reliable embedded systems. 

JHCTECH product have FCC, CE, Rohs, ISO 9001: 14001, OHSAS18000 certification. In addition, JHCTECH product also with all aspects of functional testing, environmental monitoring certification. JHCTECH are making related detection in the product performance constantly, combined with customer application requirements and suggestion. In strict accordance with the current technology required track operation, reform and innovation, keeping moving is the enterprise inexhaustible power.

JHCTECH will be persistent focusing on our professional area, striving to provide customers with the perfect solutions for embedded industrial personal computers, spending no efforts to  offer customers flexible and reliable applications. JHCTECH will constantly enhance our brand's influence in the social industrialization process.

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